Homefield Park (44109.85 sq m/10.89 acres) is to the east of Worthing town centre, less than a mile from the seafront. This Victorian Town Park was originally known as the “People’s Park” or sometimes simply as “The Park” and was the first municipal park in Worthing (1880).  The east end of the park was landscaped around an ornamental lake, which was formed by damming the Teville Stream, which runs through parts of Worthing and eventually into the English Channel. The layout included a rustic footbridge over the water and paths meandering through ornamental shrubbery’s, but most of the park was grassland where carnivals and other events were held. The decorative pond was filled in around 1930, with the expansion of Worthing Hospital absorbing the south part of the park.

Homefield Park was laid out to the north of the current Worthing Hospital when Fanny Heather left 7 acres of land in 1876 to the Local Board of Health for public recreation. Mr R. Dawes and Sir Robert Loader. M.P. donated further land and the park increased in size to over 14 acres.

Homefield Park - dated 1930 pic2
© image taken 1930 – courtesy of Worthing Museum 

The park has a history of bowling and cricket being played there. It was also once the site for the Council nursery. What was once the Park Manager’s House is now a private dwelling.


The park currently houses/provides: Play area, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Skateboard park, events.

Car parking is available on street or in the town’s car parks.

Homefield Park is very much at the heart of the community (it is situated within Central ward) not just because of its location, but also because it serves a local population that is part of the second largest town in West Sussex (100,000 population) after Crawley. Worthing is also the second most deprived area in West Sussex, after Adur. The majority of deprivation in Worthing is concentrated in Heene and Central Wards. An area within Central Ward is ranked as the most deprived in the county for the indicator ‘health and disability’.

It is well used by a variety of people such as:

  • families using it as a picnic area and meeting place, as well as using the play equipment
  • local football clubs
  • skateboarders
  • tennis players
  • basketball players
  • patients, visitors and staff of Worthing Hospital
  • dog walkers
  • runners/joggers
  • local businesses

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